Zu Ruangah Nikhat Mi 15 Tluk Australia Ah Thi


Australia ih um pawl, nikhat ah mi  15 tluk Zu ruangah an thiih mi 430 lenglo sizung an thleng tiah Australia rampi aiawh ih thuhla zingzoitu pawl cun an sim.

Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education and VicHealt pawl bawmnak in the Turning Point Alcohol and Drug Centre pawl cun mipi zingzoinak an neiih zatek 62% rori in 2010 ih an rak hminsin mi zat 5554 hnakin an tam tiah an hmu suak.

2010 laiih hminsin mi ahcun Zu ruangih sizung thleng mi 157132 an si.

Zuu ruangih hliam tuar hi mipa ah zatek 36% tluk an si. Zuruang ih Cancer nat le ti, rawl ei that lo ih thi, zatek 25% le 16% an si. Culailak ah nunau hi zatek 34% an rak siih  Zu ruang ih Cancer nat le ti, rawl ei that lo ih thi, zatek 31% le 12% an si.

Zu ruangih mithi 2010 ih rak hminsin mi

  • NT – 11.8 per cent
  • WA – 4.7 per cent
  • Qld – 4.2 per cent
  • ACT – 4.3 per cent
  • NSW – 3.8 per cent
  • Tas – 3.6 per cent
  • Vic – 3.4 per cent
  • SA – 3.3 per cent

– The Age, ABC

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