The Forty-Ninth


14 March 2009
10:00 a.m.

Falam Baptist Church


Marshal : Pastor Tial Hliang
Organist : Pastor Benjamin

Van Thawng Nei Lian

* Processional Hymn :

God of Grace andGod of Mercy

* Invocation : Pastor Mang Hup Luai
Recognition of Guests : Saya Salai Phun Zam

Offertory Prayer : Pastor Lalbiakthangi

Solo : Samuel Biak Lian Ceu

Wandering Pilgrim

Presenting Graduating Classes : Pastor Tial Hliang
Conferring of Degrees : Rev. Dr. Do Sian Thang

Prayer of Consecration : Rev. That Lian

Self Dedication and Service Commitment

Scripture Reading 1.
Isaiah 11:1-9

: Pastor Lal Biak Hnem2.

Matthew 5:13-14

: Pastor Nang Kim Mang3.

Luke 6:20-26

: Pastor Nok KamAnthem : ZTC


Not to be served but to serve

Charge to Graduates : Rev. Lon Thang

You are the Agents of God

Award of Service : Rev. Joel Za Hlei Kap
Word of Thanks

Doxology :

Benediction : Rev. Hrang Peng Ling

* Recessional Hymn :
Crown Him with Many Crowns

* Congregation Standing



God of Grace and God of Glory

1. God of grace and God of glory. On Thy people pour Thy power;
Crown Thine ancient church’s story; Bring her bud to glorious flower,

Grant us wisdom, Grant us courage, For the facing of this hour.

2. Lo! the hosts of evil round us Scorn Thy Christ assail His ways!

From the fears that long have bound us Free our hearts to faith and praise;

Grant us wisdom Grant us courage, For the living of these days.
3. Cure Thy children’s warring madness, Bend our pride to Thy control;

Shame our wanton, selfish gladness, Rich in things and poor in soul.

Grant us wisdom, Grant us courage, Lest we miss Thy kingdom’s goal.

4. Set our feet on lofty places; Gird our lives that they may be
Armored with all Christ like graces In the fight to set men free.

Grant us wisdom, Grant us courage, That we fail not man nor Thee!

5. Save us from weak resignation. To the evils we deplore;

Let the search for Thy salvation Be our glory evermore,

Grant us wisdom, Grant us courage, Serving Thee whom we adore.

Crown Him with Many Crowns

1. Crown Him with many crowns, The Lamb upon His throne;
Hark! How the heavenly anthem drowns All music but its own,

Awake, my soul, and sing Of Him who died for thee, And

hail Him as thy matchless King Through all eternity

2. Crown Him the Lord of life, Who triumphed o’er the grave,

And rose victorious in the strife For those He came to save;

His glories now we sing, Who died, and rose on high, Who

Died eternal life to bring, And lives, that death may die.

3. Crown Him the Lord of peace, Whose power a scepter sways,

From pole to pole, that wars may cease, And all be prayer and praise;

His reign shall know no end, And round His pierced feet, Fair

flowers of paradise extend their fragrance ever sweet.

4. Crown Him the Lord of love; Behold His hands and side,

Those wounds, yet visible above, In beauty glorified;

All hail, Redeemer, hail! For Thou hast died for me, Thy

praise and glory shall not fail Throughout eternity. Amen.

2008-2009 Academic Year ZTC’s Strength
List of Students

Class Female Male Total
B. Th I 6 15 21

B. Th II 6 15 21

B. Th III 2 17 19

B. Th IV 4 9 13

M. Div I – 6 6

M. Div II 2 10 12

M. Div III 2 7 9

B R E II 5 4 9


Total 28 82 110

B 1 B 2 B 3 B 4 M 1 M 2 M 3 BRE 2

Baptist 21 21 18 13 5 8 9 8
Methodist – – 1 – 1 3 – –

Mara Evangelical

Church – – – – – 1 – –

Assemblies of God
– – – – – – 1




Library: 13754

Books 11941, References books 1065, Thesis & Research 748

Board of Trustees:


Alumni Association


2009-2010 Academic Year

Entrance Exam – M. Div : 30 January 2009
– B. Th : 1 June 2009

Registration – 3 June 2009

Classes Begin – 8 June 2009

Graduation – 13 March 2010


Study Costs

Tuition – B. Th & B. Min = 120,000
– B. R. E = 130,000

– M. Div = 140,000

Messing – 120,000

Hostel – 5,000

Endowment Fund – 5,000

Book & Pocket – 90,000

1. Tribal Research Centre

Phase I : Awareness and material collection
Phase II : Collecting materials from research students and other

sources; and specifies the scope or research

Phase III : Development

2. Lailun Integrated Development Centre

Vision : To bring out a modern, scientific learning research centre,
which will collect facts and data from Chin cultivators,

farmers and students of socio-economic and ecology

Mission : To do research on subjects, beneficial to basic community,

especially that of socio-economic and ecology

Goals : (i) Agricultural research

(ii) Livestock breeding research

(iii) Research on natural vegetation and natural resources;

sharing the research findings with the community

(iv) Research on preserving and systematic use of water


(v) Research on net-working

3. Endowment Fund

The ZBC’s 30% grant to the ZTC has been sliding 5% annually, starting
2007 and ending 2013; target for one thousand lakh (100,000,000) kyats.

4. Credit Cooperative

With target towards cooperation for service: that is to live with the
community rather than to live in (parasite) the community

Thanks for Financial Support:

1. ZBC : Local Churches, Areas, Associations
2. Partners : ATESEA, FTESEA

3. Friends : Sowards, Judsons, David Za Hre Lian, Friends of

Burma, Martyrs Scholarship, WVM, APMCF,

Emmanuel Scholarship and Others

4. Alumni : Near & Distant

Post Eden Drive

Born : 20 February 2008; ZTC Faculty Council
Theme : Our People Our Land

Vision : Becoming God-given Land and being God-assigned


Biblical Basis : Isaiah 62:4

First Council : 28-31 October 2008, ZTC

Concensus : Diet menu for every Chin household

: Global Fund for Chin Land Development

Affirmations : Threefold Sin and Threefold Salvation

Threefold Sin:

1. We renounce shifting cultivation system which caused green hilly
ranges transformed into bald and denuded hills through this

traditional cultivating system.

2. We repudiate the system of free-to-roam domestic animals which

cause havoc to cultivation.

3. We denounce the practice of felling trees and wanton setting of

fires to the jungles resulting in dried up spring and streams, causing

deterioration in soil and change of climates.


Threefold salvation:

1. Abandoning the system of shifting cultivation which causes depeopling
the Chins from their habitat, we are determined to move

onto the scientific cultivation known as SALT I,


Sloping AgriculturalLand Technology.


2. Forsaking the system of free-to-roam domestic animals which
cause damage to agriculture, we will proceed towards the scientific

way of raising domestic animals, SALT II,


Simple Agro-LivestockTechnology.


3. Quitting unrestraint felling down of natural vegetation and
setting wild fires to the jungles, we will undertake to preserve the

environment by adopting SALT III,


Sustainable Agro-forestLand Technology.


The Fourfold Purpose of the ZTC:

To train students for Church ministry and Christian service
To equip students for the build-up of authentic humanity

To produce students, having mission spirit & experiencing mission work

To have fellowship with other seminaries in Myanmar

The ZTC Community Ethos:

This exercises itself with three modes, viz. spiritual formation through
community life; intellectual formation through academic pursuit;

vocational formation through field education. Hence, discernment and


Wish List: LIDC

01 Fish Pond 700,000
02 Land: one acre 50,000

two acres 100,000

50 acres 2,500,000

03 Swimming Pool

Cement 100 bags 1,000,000

04 Hydro power

Corn/oil, mill 800,000

05 Agricultural farming**

Keeping per year 500,000

06 Livestock Breeding

Keeping per year 700,000

07. Ecological concern

Mini-forest 500,000

08 Networking

Initial step 600,000

09. FAITH Garden

Stage I 400,000

10 Transportation

Motorcycle x 1 800,000

** Plantation Areas: grape, pineapple, orange, lime, banana and

others are divided into one half acre blocks, numbering to eighteen;

local groups like BYF, wards


, etc., are going totake possession of the block/s.






Graduating Classes, March 2009
Bachelor of Theology

No. Name Church/Association Research Topic

01. Bawi Ling Matu Cingtlang Baptist A Brief History of
Association Thaiphum Tribe

02. Dawt Hlei Sung Falam Baptist Marriage Custom

Association of Lautu

03. Dawt Khun Senthang Baptist Marriage Custom

Association of Sakta

04. Hau Lun Niang Kalay Valley Baptist A Biography of

Association Rev. Thang Ngin

05. Joseph Paletwa Baptist A Brief History of

Association Mt. Kima

06. Moe Zaw Win Southern Ayerawaddy A Brief History of

Baptist Association Zonegyi Tribe

07. Ngun Nei Thluai Falam Baptist Khualsim

Association Khuangcawi Feast

of Merit

08. Nyi Nyi Aung Falam Baptist Hlawnceu Tribe’s

Association Counting Method of

Day, Month and Year

09. Tha Lian Tai Falam Baptist Biography of

Association Pu No Al

10. Than Taung Lian Gangaw Baptist Zotung Marriage

Association Custom

11. Van Hnuai Hum Falam Baptist Biography of

Association Major Z. Al Klir

12. Za Biak Hu Falam Baptist Khuangcawi Feast

Association of Hlawnceu

13. Za Kim Biak Falam Baptist The History of

Association Laizo Clan

Master of Divinity
No. Name Ch/Association Thesis Topic

01. Cin Lian Khual Northern Kalay Salvation as
Valley Baptist Liberation from

Association Physical Suffering

in the Chin Hills

02. Khin Than Lwin Pakokku Mission The Necessity of

Field Contextualization in

Cross-Cultural Mission

among the Buddhist

03. Lal Biak Sum Falam Baptist A Theological

Association Perspective of Pastoral

Care and Counseling

04. Langh Sawm Tung Northern Tedim The Important Roles

Baptist of Youth in Chin

Association Church: Special

Reference to

1 Timothy 4:12

05. Thawng Sawm Langh Northern Kalay The Obligation of

Valley Baptist Effective Christian

Association Leader in Chin


06. Thian Za Vum Lairawn Baptist Guiding Children in

Association Wholistic Development:

Christian Education


07. Van Biak Zing Gangaw Baptist The Importance of

Association Nurturing Children

in Christian Family

08. Van Hlir Mang Lairawn Baptist A Challenge to

Association Social Justice in

Our Society Today:

Reading from

Amos 5:21-24

: aims to till and keep our God-given environment;implementing SALT I, II, III for FAITH, thereby harmonizing
nature with history; includes the threefold

sin and threefold salvation, pointing to the Post Eden


: 1953-2009Diploma 243; Certificate 4; B. Th 458; B. Min 25; B. R . E 109;
M. Div 43; tallied to 882.

Consists of 22 members: ZBC, 3; ZTC, 4;Church, 4; Association, 4; Alumni, 3; Expert, 4.
12, Supporting Staff 4, Study Leave 4.

: Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him allcreatures here below; Praise Him above ye heavenly host,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen.




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