WBO Welterweight Champion Jeff Horn

Filipino thongthiam Manny Pacquiao le Australian thongthiam Jeff Horn ih welterweight taikhap cuhawknak Battle of Brisbane ah Jeff Horn in zohfeltu zatei’ thutluknak (unanimous decision) in a neh ruangah Paquiao ih taikhap a long.

Tuizing ih mipi 50,000 hmai ih an thongawknak ah zohfeltu pawl in 117-111, 115-113, 115-113 in tlawng saya hlun Jeff Horn hi nehnak an pek mi a si.

Boxing khawvel dan te’n zohfeltu pawl ih thutluknak ah mipi elawknak a um ruri ko nan Paquiao in zohfeltu pawl ih thutluknak a pom thu a sim.

Jeff Horn hin donsang par ihsin Floyd Mayweather a ngiar ih, Paquiao in thongawk sal a duh khalle rem a ti thotho thu a sim cih fawn.

Hram: The Guardian

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