Van Sang Ihsin Tuu Run Rual Tla

Melbourne, Australia ah tlun van sang ihsin tuurun rual an tla ciamco! Lamzin ih mawtaw fehpawl a kham theh. Lilawn par, tidaibualnak hmun pawl le lamzin tluan ah an tla celcel ih mipi mangbangza in an um.

Mithen khat in mawtaw tumpi ih an phurh mi sungih sin a tla pang ah an ruat. Mithen in hramlak ihsin an ra lut tiah ruahnak an nei asinan thuneitupawl in nasate’n an zingzawi tikah tlun vansang ihsin a rung tla ti an thei fiang.

Tuu pawl cu an siar ih 400 lenglo a kim. Tuu pawl cu inn par khalah an tla celcel asinan minung hliamtuar ngaingai pakhat hman cu an um lo. Asile ziangah tlun vansang ihsin tuu pawl an tlak thei? Timi thusuhnak hi an theithei lo.

Asinan kan dung thla hnih hrawng ahkhan tuu 5,000 lenglo a hlo mi a um an ti. Zingzawitupawl cun “aliens” pawlih thiltitheinak a si an zum thu an sim.

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  1. A va mak so,mangbangza ngaingai.cui thil thleng cu.

  2. Melbourne ah ka um ve nain, hi thu hi ka thei lo e. Ziang news sources na lak in sim thei pei maw? Sources a um lomi si pang pei maw? Phuah cop mi kan ti pei cu?

  3. MELBOURNE, Australia — Cars were struck by falling sheep late Thursday when a truck rolled on a highway in the southern Australian city of Melbourne.
    The truck overturned on the highway in western Melbourne about 9:00pm local time. Hundreds of sheep fell from the vehicle and were left strewn across the highway.

    Hi A tanglam news lawnglawng ka nngah thei i siar ve aw la.
    Read more:

  4. Melbourn um cu thuthang theihnak a si lo. Phuahcawp si lo zia cu nangmah in na sim lala. Kei kha tawk um lo hman cun kha mi related news 3 ka thei ual. Ka theihnak a mal tin daiten um awla cule thiam co na si ko la ka dua.

  5. Fox news kha voi hra in siar bet mei aw. Sawisel hmang hi cu.

  6. A va mak ve thu ngai cu a si kei cu maw? cu vek thil te te tih nung in Pathian hna tuan cu an ti duh lo riai maw?

  7. Fox news kha vei 10 siar bet ding rori cu va ngai thiam ko uh, vei 2 te lawng ti mai uh

  8. Hi tu rual van sang ih si tla a si lo. Motaw accident ruangih lamzin hnuaiih tla a si.
    A hnuai ih link ah hin zoh hnik aw….?–falling-sheep-rain-down-on-drivers-after-truck-rollover-in-australia

  9. Rak mangbang deuhtu pawl hrang le van ihsin a tla lo titu pawl hrangah evident tamzet a um so khaw.

    An ngandaan vek cekci.


    By Frank Lake on June 1, 2012

    Sheep have been falling from the sky over Melbourne, Australia!

    Falling sheep hit vehicles all across the Australian city of Melbourne. Some thought they came from a truck carrying livestock, but authorities later confirmed – they just fell from the sky!

    One truck carrying 400 sheep hung precariously on a bridge and its cargo plunged on to the road below. This confused authorities, because at the same time sheep were falling on buildings, homes and in swimming pools.

    Hundreds of cars were smashed as they were hit by the falling sheep and many swerved to avoid them.

    Many sheep were killed or injured, but Melbourne police said there were no human casualties. Though some humans were arrested for trying to drag away some dead ship.

    So, what caused the sheep to fall from the sky? ”We have no idea, but there are many in the department that think aliens stole the sheep last week, brought them into their spaceships and then just started pummeling our citizens.”


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