USDP In Ram Mipi Ih Duhdan Hawl

Kan rampi acozah Union Solidarity and Development Party pawl cun a hmaisabiknak hrang mipi pawl ih duh an co theinak ding ruahsannak thawn an party thurelkhawmnak khawmpi (conference)cu mani sun zarhpini ah an nei.

Thlirtu pawl le zingzoitu pawl ih an hmuh dan ahcun tui nehnak cotu kan ram party pawl in 2015 ih rampi hrilawknak hrangah an thlaphangin an hmu. Ram leng le ram sung ih an mah duhtu pawl kiam deuh vek ih an theihawk thu an sim.

Hi conference nili sung an neih ding mi ah kan rampi president Thein Sein, a hlan an mai Party chairman in onnak thusimnak a nei. Hi nili sungah hmailam ih kaih hruaiawk danding pawl khal an rel ding.

USDP pawl in sungtel mipi million 16 lenglo neiin an rak rel aw dah. Cutin theih cia zo vek in November 2010 rampi hrilawknak ih ramkhel party 37 zuamawknak ah zatek 76.5 in nehnak an co. Rampi rorel inn ih uknak tohkham 1154 ah 883 an ngah tinak a si.


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  1. The population in the Union of Burma have been fed up with any thing todo with the army and their retired Generals. So there is no hope for them,the USDP to be in power in 2015 election. Itmightbe better for them if theyjust keep quiet w/o contesting in the election for them.


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