Singapore Ah Kawlrammi Kum Kim Lo Nunau Paisa Pe Ih Nomnak Hmanpitu Luu Maw Timi Pa Thawngthlak

Singapore ah kum 16 mi nunau cu paisa pe ih nupa sinak (sex) hmanpitu Myanmar mi pakhat cu zarh 12 sung thlawng thlak dingin January 27 ah khan a thu an relcat thu The Straits Times thuthang cun a tarlang.

Engineer pakhat a si ve mi kum 34 ih upa Luu Maw timi Myanmar pa cun nunau tleirawl kum kimhrihlo cu March thla 2013 ah khan S$ 220 pe in nomnak ah a rak hmang. Luu Maw timi Myanmar pa hi Singapore ih PR (Permanent Resident) ngah zotu pakhat a si tiah cui thuthang cun a sim bet.

Hi nunau nute hi hnattuan tha zet ttuan dingih kawhmi a si nan, October 2012 ah khan nawhcizuar (mi zuar-aw) hnattuannak ah a pumpe-awmi a si thu le Hitivek ih kum kim hrih lo nunau nau tleirawl thawn nomnak hmangih nungcang thawng an thlakmi Myanmar mi lakah tuittum hi a pasarihnak a si thu pawl The Straits Times Thuthang cun a ngan.

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  1. How did this underage girl get there in S’pore to work anyway? Does S’pore allow underage foreigners to enter in the country to work? S’pore also is guilty as Luu Maw and the agency who brought the underage girl into S’pore to work.


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