Puithiam kum 20 sung thawngthlak


Australia Roman Catholic Church in, an ram nauhak mi 620 cu sex hmansual pit an si zo ti’n, mani ah an phuang. Sex hmansual pittu pawl cu Puithiam (priests le clergymen) pawl an si. 1930 ihsin tuni tiang kum 80 sungah nauhak mi 620 in cases an nei ih, tuah cases 45 relfel hrih lo a tang lai.

John Sidney Denham cu hi thu ruangah kum 19 le thla 10 thawngtla dingin July 2010 ah khan thawnginn ah an thlak zo. Naunak a rak umpitnak hmun tambik cu New South Wales School a si. A thu simmi cu “All I can say is, I’m so sorry. I see myself as paedophilia that took advantage of a situation and used my power to abuse young people.”

Melbourne um Archbishop Denis Hart cun mi ttihnung rapthlak le ningzakza an si thu a rel. Victoria Archbishop Hart khalin nauhak parah taksa hiarnak a neimi Pathian hnattuantu pawl cu mi ttihnungza an si, an luarkaituk tih ah a sim ve. The Catholic Church’s World Youth Day, Pope Benedict XVI Australia a tlawn ttumah mino tinghnih (200,000) hmai ah ngaithiam dilnak a nei bawk.

(The Roman Catholic Church in the Australian state of Victoria has confirmed that more than 600 children have been sexually abused by its priests since the 1930s. Pope Benedict XVI has Apologized “evil” of sex abuse by priests and clergymen).

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