Pu Henry Van Thio, Myanmar Rampi Vice President- 2 Doctor Degree An Pe

Salai V Bawi Lian

Myanmar ram president – 2, Pu Henry Van Thio cu Global Gateway University pawl in January 24 ni ah upatpeknak le cawinawinak hrang Doctor Degree an pe.

Global Gateway University pawl hi USA hrambun phunsang tlawng an si. Tuitum ih an pek mi Dr Degree hi Doctor of Leadership a si.

Hitin GGU pawl in a thuanthu khal an hminsin tel cih. Pu Henry Van Thio hi 1977-2000 kum ah ralbawi in Major rank tiang a rak tuan. 2000-2004 Virginia Tabacco Factory ah Manager a si. 2005-2006 Administrative Director, 2006-2009 Bilin Spirit Factory ah Manager a si. 2011-2014 kum ah New Zealand ah caan reilote hna a tuan. 2015 November ah Member of Upper House (Amyotha Hluttaw). 2016 March 28 in Vice President of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar ah ruat a si tiin an ngan.

Hi lawmman peknak ah tuanvo GGU Board of Trustee in Chairman Dr. James Song le Myanmar & Indonesia ram aiawh Director Dr. Kim Gyun Bae pawl in Myanmar khawpi Naypidaw ah an pek.#

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