Palestinian in Isreal A Puh

Palestinian in Isreal A Puh
Palestinian Tapung Hamas ih Izz Al- Din Qassam Brigades dintu an ralbawi Mahmoud Al-mabhoud kum 50 micu Dubai khawpi ah thah a si tiah Palestinian Islamic Group thuthangca cun a tarlang.
Palestinian tapung hotu pakhat Izz Al- Rishq in a sim nakah Mahmoud Al- Mabhoud that tucu Isreal pawl an si tiah a simih, himi ruangah  Isreal leh Palestinian karlak rualrem awknak lamzin cun  harsat nak lamzin a zawh vivo ding ti a phan thukhal a sim.
Mahmoud Al- Mabhoud hi kum 1989 ihsin Syria ramih um a siih,  kum 1989 ih Isreal ralkap 2 thah nak thu ah mawh phurtu bikah Isreal cun a ruat ringringih,  khami ihsin  Isreal Intelligence pawlcun an rak zoh thup ringring mi a si. Isreal cun leitlun khuitawk hmun khalah tlan rero khal sehla a tikcu a thlen cun Isreal cun a dawi ding tiah an rak simzo mi a si.
Australia A Sangbik
BBC Focus Magazine in  suahsual nak lamih leitlun ram tinkim dinhmun a zinzoi mi a tarlang nak ah Australia cu a sangbik ah a ret. Hi a thil zinzoi danhi a tahfung phunphun in a zoh vivo ih,  Suahsual nak thil tthalo, Hurnak, Puarthau nak, Duh aam nak, thlah dah awknak,  Thiansiat nak,   Ei leh in uar tuknak, Porh awknak, leh thildang mizia thatlo nak pawl in a zoh khawm.
Ei leh in uarbik ramah US cu a sangbik ah a ret.
Hur naklam ah cun South Korea a sangbik,
Puarthau nak leh Daithlan nak lamah Iceland,
Duh aam nak lamah Mexico a sangbik.
Mi hmuhsuam nak lamah Australia a sangbik
Himi pawl a zaten % in an zohkhawm nakah Australia cu a sangbik a  si.
US in Iran Hremnak Pekbet A Tum
Tihni sunih US President, Obama in  State of the Union Address ih a rak simcia vekin  Iran ramin Nuclear ralthuam thilri a tuahmi bansan a tumcuanglo nak thuhla ah  Hremnak pekbet ding leh pekbetlo ding thuhla cu  US rorel nak Inn sang Senate in a ngaituah ih, Ramdang ihsi Iran in Oil a laklut nak pawlcu hrem bet vivo siseh tiah anrel.
London khawpi ih caam laitu US Secretary of State,. Hillary Clinton cun US in Iran hrembet a tumnak hi Iran ram mipi pawl harsat nakm pektum ruangah a silo ih, Iran Cozah in Nuclear ralthuam thilri a tuah mipawl bansan a tumlo ruangah a mah leh a mah a zoh fiang awknak dingah a si tiah a sim.
BBC in  a sim nakah US Senate Member tamsawn cun Iran hremnak hi nasa sawnih pek an duhih   iran ramsungih Oil laklut ter kham lawng silo in an ramsungih sumdawn nak leh   ramdang thawi sundawn tawnawk nak pawltiang titawp sak an duhthu an sim tiah BBC cun a sim.
 Iran hi Nuclear ralthuam thilri a tuah ruangah UN Security Council khalin hremnak a peklai mi a siih,  Kum 2006 ihsin UN cun Iran ramihsin ramdangih thilri kuatsuak ding leh ramdangihsi Iran ramsungih thilri kuatlut ding pawlkhal a rakkham sakzo ih, Kum 2008 ihsin ralthuam lamih sumdawnnak. khal a khamsak zo. khami rualah Iran ram ih Bank leh ramdang ih Bank pehtlaih awknak a neimi pawlkhal a ral titawp sakzo mi a si,
Himi laiah Russia Cozah hnuaiih, ralthuam zuarsuak tupawl Rosoboron Export , Director General, Antoly Isaikin cun  RIA Novosti News ih a kawmnak ah  Iran ramih ralthuam thuhla ah dan pahbal mi a neilo ih, Cu ruangah Russia in Iran hnenih ralthuam zuar dingin zalen nak a nei ih, Cu ruangah Iran leh Russia in ralthuam thawi sundawn tonawknak thutiam an rak neih cia micu a fehpi vivo a thiang a si  ati.
Russia leh Iran hi Dollar Million 800 man ralthuam ih sumdawn tawnawk nakding thutiam hi an raktuah zoih,, Himi ah S-300 PMUI Missile System cu Russia in Iran hnen ah a zuar thei tikhal an thutiam tuah mi ah a telih, Asinan  hi Missile hi tutiangah cun Russia in Iran hnen ah a pe tithu theihnak a um hrihlo.
Russia Foreign MInister, Sergei Lavrov cun  an ram Cozah hnuai ih  ralthuam zuardan tawlrel cu Rosoboron Export leh Iran Cozah cun Dollar Billion 34 man ralthuam thawi sumdawn tonawk nakding thutiam an tuah sal cingding thukhal a sim.
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  1. Australia most sinful nation: study
    Fri, Jan 29 10:17 AM
    Melbourne, Jan 29 (IANS) Australia, the home of cricket legend Don Bradman, singing sensation Kylie Minougue, is also the land of world’s top sinners, a new study has claimed.

    Envy is the biggest weakness of people down under in a study of the seven sins – lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride.

    A team of British researchers number-crunched the global differences in the deadly sins and found, when you add up the wrongdoings, Australia is at the top, according to BBC’s Focus magazine.

    The US topped the table for gluttony while South Korea topped the list for lust. Iceland ranked number one for both pride and sloth and Mexico got the highest rank for greed.

    The article, which argues that people are ‘bad’ by nature, has found social data to compare nations under these categories of sins.

    To determine a nation’s quota of wrath, the researchers examined levels of violent crime by comparing incidents of assault, rape and murder per 1,000 people.

    For sloth, they looked at the number of days off workers have, while for pride the comparison was made on plastic surgery rates per capita.

    The researchers studied the amount of time spent by people on porn to assess the ranking of lust. Greed was determined by the percentage of the population with annual earnings less than 50 per cent of the median value.

    Gluttony was calculated on the basis of nations’ per capita spending on calorie-rich fast food and envy was described as being jealous of others’ possessions and calculated using statistics for burglary, robbery and car theft.

    For each of the sins, the researchers awarded 10 points to the nation with the highest score, and then decreasing points to countries that, for each sin, could boast of being in the top 10. The results rank a top nation for each sin, reported Thursday.

    Australians, are the best, or perhaps worst, sinners, scoring 46 points, ahead of the US on 32 points and Canada on 24. Britain came sixth overall, the website said.

    Brisbane Anglican Bishop Geoff Smith said: ‘We are all sinners but should strive to be better people and care for one another.’

    ‘I think Australians are very generous and compassionate people with a special identity,’ he was quoted as saying. ‘In many ways the Australian lifestyle and character make us the envy of other nations.’

    Australia was ranked third for lust and gluttony, fourth for greed and pride, seventh for wrath and ninth for sloth.


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