Pakistan Acozah In Nikhat Ah Mi 12 Khaithat

BBC : Pakistan acozah cun, an ramsung ah nikhat sung ih mi an khaithat tambik si dingin, March 17, 2015 sun ah mi 12 an kai that thu BBC cun a tarlang. An khai thatmi pawl hi mi firfiak, laithat le sualnak dangdang ( terrorists, murderers or guilty of “heinous crimes” ) thubuai nei an si.

Interior Ministry spokesman cun,, “Tuisun ih khai thatmi 12 pawl hi, firfiak ( Terrorrist ), laithatnak ( Murderer ) le sualnak dangdang ( Heinous Crimes ) pawl thawn thubuai neitu an si” tiin a sim. Pakistan acozah cun, March 19, 2015 sun ah, a liamciami kum 10 ih nauhak pawngsual ih thattu Shafqat Hussain khal an khaithat ding tiin BBC cun a tarlang bet.

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