Max Myanmar Co.Ltd Ih Ayeyarwady Bank Hakha Ah Sak Ding

Ding Dong
Chinland Today
December 20, 2012

To match Special Report MYANMAR-CRONIES/Falam: Chin ram ih sumpai kuat awknak a rem cang theinak ding ruahsannak thawn Max Myanmar Co. Ltd ih Ayeyarwady Bank cu Hakha ah sak a si ding tiin thuthang kan dong.

2013 January thla ah hi Bank hi Hakha khawpi ah sak a si ding. ‘Hakha khawmi ramleng suak unau sungkhat pawl in ramsung ih nu le pa, sungkhat unau pawl paisa kuat a remcang sawn theinak ding ruahsannak thawn hi Bank hi kan sak tumnak a si’ tiin Max Bank Project ih sungtuan Aung Myo Thu cun Chinland Today hnenah a sim.

A inn hmun pawl khal cu kan leicia zo, 2013 January thla sungah khawsung thuneitu hnen ihsin saksiangnak ca kan dil dingih, cutin kan ngah veten a sak kan thok cih ding a si tin a sim bet.

Max Myanmar Co. Ltd pawl in Lashu, Kalay pawl khalah an bank an sak zo. Tamu leh Hakha pawl khalah sak an tum rero lai a si.

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One Comment

  1. I think its good news. But i dont like the fact that we Chin peoples are only good at waiting for others do something good for our state. In the end, who will profit from this business? Peoples come to Chin state doing business to help the local. They do it to get profit from the locals. We Chin peoples need to start doing business on our own so that we can be self-efficient on our own. I would be very happy to see a local Chin bank spranging in every town in Chin state. That would really eleviate the business nature of the Chins.


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