Libya Ram, Benghazi Ih US Mi Thihnak Thu Ih Thusuhnak Pawl Clinton In Let Ding

File of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivering remarks at the State Department in WashingtonWASHINGTON : Lybia ram ih US Ambassador Christopher Stevens le US midang 3 pawl ih thihnak thuthawn pehpar in, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton cun thusuhnak pawl lehnak / sannak a nei ding asi. Nikum December 20 ah khan hi thihnak thuthawn pehpar in Clinton hin thu lehnak / sannak pawl nei ding asi nan, damlonak ruangah neih asi lo ih, January 23 ih Congressional Committee tokhawmnak ah thu lehnak / sannak a neih ding thu theih asi.

Hi thihnak a thlennak thuthawn pehpar in, danthiam tamtak le Republican Representatives le House of Representatives Foreign Affair Committee ih Chairman tuanvo neitu Ed Royce pawl in thusuhnak annei ding asi. Hi an thusuhnak ah, ramdang ih US palai pawl an himnak ding thu pawl asi ding ih, tuitum ih thihnak thlennak thuthawn pehpar in, ziangruangah hi thihnak hi a thleng timi pawl an sut ding. “ Benghazi ah ziang a thleng, ziangvek in a thleng timi pawl thaten kan zohfiang a tul asi.

Ziangahtile, al-Qaeda pawl hin tu le tu do in tum ringring ruangah asi” ti in Royce cun asim. Benghazi ih US palai thahnak hi, 1979 ih Syria ram palai thlah asi hnu ih palai thihnak thlen hmaisabik asi ruangah, lehhnu ah hivek um nawnlo nak ding hi US in thaten a ruah a tul asi. Cumi lai ah, Hillary Clinton aiawhtu ding hi zo asi pei ti in mi tamtak in zumnak annei ih, cumi lak ah Susan Rice khal hi asi thei ding ti in mi tamtak cun an zum asi.




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