Leitlun mi niam/tawi bik thi

The Turkish farm labourer and the pint-sized man from China were happy to pose at an event in Istanbul to mark the opening of the new Guinness World Records Live! Roadshow.

Leitlun mi niam/tawi bik le mi sangbik

Leitlun ih mi tawi/niam bik He Pingping cu Italy ah ruahlo piin a thiih a sungkhat pawl cun a thih thu ah a natnak pakhat hman le kan thei si lo ih kan mangbang zet tin an sim.

He Pingping hi leitlun bik pawl hminsin tu Guinness World Record pawl in miniam bik tiih an hminsin mi a si. Italy, Rome ah TV ih pholar awknak annei laiah a ttang(a awmbawr) lam thatlonak anei ruangah zato ah anfeh pi. Rei um lo in a zarhcem lamah a thi cih.

He Pingping  a um nawn lo ruangah Magar, centimetres 51 ih sang cu Guinness World Records pawlih zohfelnak an neih hnu ah leitlun mi tawi/niam bik sinnak hminsin an pe ding.

He Pingping hi August 21, 1988 aha suak. A Sanlam 74 cm lawng a si.


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