Kim Jong-un Kum (33) A Kim

In this April 13, 2012 photo, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un stands next to senior military leaders during a ceremony in honor of his father, Kim Jong Il and grandfather, Kim Il Sung in Pyongyang. In very different ways, North Korea, run by the same family as a Stalinist dictatorship since the 1940s, and Myanmar, run by a cabal of generals, have opened themselves up over the past year or so, allowing the world to peer behind the political curtains they had so laboriously erected, but the question of whether there has been any real change still remains. (AP Photo/David Guttenfelder)

January Van

Tuini January ni 8 hi North Korea hotu, Kim Jong-un ih suahcam, kum (33) kim ni a si. A Pu le a Pa ih suahcam (hotu pawl ih suahcam) tivek ahcun hlunghlai zetin puai an tuah ih zungpit ni (public holiday) tiin an hmang ttheu na’n tuih Kim Jong-un ih suahcam cu daiziar in a um. A kum a no lai ruangah tla a si ding tiah an ti.

2012 kum ihsin hotu rak ttuan, Kim Jong-un cun a hlan ih a suahcam ni tivek ahcun nauhak pawl hnenah thlumte a zem ttheu tiah thuthang cun a phuang. A suahcam ni cu a daiziar na’n a suahcam ni a thlenhlan ni hnih hrawng ih Hydrogen bomb a puah sinnak thu cu leitlun huap in a thang. Thuthang pawl ih nganmi vek asile a puah saan ttheu mi Nuclear bomb tlukin Hydrogen bomb cu a piin lo na’n a ramhnen, Tuluk ram cun a duh lo ti a si.

Hrm : Myanmar Online News

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