Kawl Ralkap In Nehnak Co; Mi 25000 Tlan!

Nov. 8: Myanmar citizens queue up for food at the Border Patrol Police base in Thailand's Mae Sot town following fighting between Myanmar soldiers and ethnic Karen fighters. Clashes between rebels and Myanmar government troops have broken out at two key border points a day after the country's first election in two decades. The fighting prompted thousands of refugees to flee into neighboring Thailand. (AP)Kawram ralkap pawl cun kawlram hrilawknak ah a zate ih cawhrual in nehnak kan co tiin an puang aw. Hitiih Kawlram mipi hrilawknak a um laiah Karen zalennak sualtu ramhnuai ralkap pawl cun Kawl ralkap pawl cu Myawaddy ah an kap aw ih mi 25000 lenglo cun himnak hawl in Thailand ah an tlan phah zo.

Hrilawknak ih me thlak mi pawl hi siar thluh a si hrih lo nan USDP sungtel pakhat, hmin tarlang duhlo cun ‘zatek 80 in lalnak tohkham kan ngah, kan lungawi zet’ tin a sim. Tlawngkai nikhat niih Karen ralkap le kawl ralkap an kahawknak ah mipi 3 an thi thu don a si.


Election Thlirsalnak

Tui kum 2010 hrilawknak ah November 8 tiang vote an siarnak ahcun

Hakha le Thlantlang peng ahcun CNP in vote tam lam in hmai a hruai vivo.

Sagaing division sungah Tamu, Kalay myo, Lairam ah Falam le Paletwa ah CPP in nehnak an co.

Falam peng ahcun CPP in nehnak cotu pawl cu:-

1) Pu Khuang Ling …Pyituh Hluatdaw

2) Pu Con Kheng ….. Amyota Hluatdaw

3) Pu Zung Hlei Thang ..Amyota Hluatda

4) Nah Thang Pyine Hluatdaw

5) Pu No Sun Pyine Hluatdaw

Tiddim le Tonzang ih nehnak cotu pawl cu:-

1) Pa Pum Khan En ( USDP ) Pyituh Hluatdaw

2) Pa Kham Suan Mung ( USDP ) Amyota Hluatdaw

3) Pa Nang Za Mung (USDP) Pyine Hluatdaw

4) Pa Khup Cin Pau ( NUP) Pyituh Hluatdaw

5) Pa Thang Go Khai ( NUP ) Pyine Hluatdaw

6) Pa Hau Za Dal (NUP) Pyine Hluatdaw

7) Pa PS Kham Do Nang ( CCP) Pyituh Hluatdaw

8) Pa Gin Heh Lian ( CPP ) Amyota Hluatdaw

9) Pa SB Khan Zam Vungh ( CPP ) Amyota Hluatdaw

10) Pa Thuam Go Thang( CPP ) Pyine Hluatdaw

11) Pa Gin Thang ( CPP) Pyine Hluatdaw

12) Dr Pa Kam Cin Dal ( CNP) Pyituh Hluatdaw

13) Pa Khup Lian (CND) Amyota Hluatdaw

14) Pa Lang Za Mang (CND) Amyota Hluatdaw

15) Pa Kam Lian Thang ( CND) Pyine Hluatdaw

16) Pa Zam Cin Pau ( Zozam) ( CND ) Pyine Hluatdaw

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