Hliamhma Tuar Falam Sankhat: Thuanthu Kawhnak Sang Letlo!

Hliamhma Tuar Falam Sankhat: Thuanthu Kawhnak Sang Let lo!

By- Pu Hre Mang

Falam misa pawl hi mi nunnem, pawlkom nuam, rualpi tha zet le duhnung zet an si tiah mi in an rak sim theu. Si e, rualpi pawlkom nuam, duhnung sinak nei cingin, Mirang pawlin Chinram an rak lak hlan ihsin kan pupa ro-ram, nunphung, thuanthu rak humhim in paralttha, ralkah thiam hminthang sinak kenkawh in thuanthu in a kawhnak le an liangpar ah a tthum mi ram le miphun thuanthu tuah that ding pacang ttha tuanvo cu lungawi ten an rak co-hlang asi. Mibur pi dinhmun lawng si loin mimal/pak dinhmun khalin thuanthua in upatnak sang a rak pek mi pawl an um; Pu Hrang Thio, Pu Za Hre Lian, Pu William Salian Zam, Salai Sun Ceu, le “8888” tlawngta hotu pawl telllin. Chin miphun zapi te lungrualnak le ram le miphun hrangah tisa, thinlung, thlarau, le thluak fimvarnak pawl thawn miphun thuanthu tuahsiat tu an rak do ih ram le miphun thuanthu an rak humhim. Asinan, tu ahcun, thuanthu in “Ziangruangah Falam santhar thlah pawl an dai ttheptthep?” tiah thu a sut thlang. Falam mino pawl khui tawkah an relh theh? Ziang in an kaa a huh sak si pei? Ziangruangah thuanthu in a kawknak an sang nawn lo?

Thil pahnih kalh awmi a cang rero laifang: Duhdawtnak cu daiten umnak in a langter. Santhar Chin miphun thuanthu ah thuanthu cangsual in tuisan thlah Falam misa tluk in hliamma zohman a put dah lo. Santhar Tedim unau pawlin “8888” ih Falam le Hakha, CNF/A ah an rak zawm lo mi kha an tifuh sawn asi ti thuanthu nung in tu ah a sim fiang. A tu ah, ram le miphun thu ah nasaten a rak cangvai rero tu “8888” Falam santhar mino pawl khui ah an hlo theh? Lungpuk sugnah an relh theh; a helhholh mi an unau duhdawtnak le ngaidamnak lungpuk sungah an relh. A naa zet mi thuanthu cu an ttang sungah an pawm ih an ttang nam in a helholh mi an duhdawtmi unau pawl duhdawtnak in an kirsal ding cuan in an um! Ziangruangah tile, Chin miphun pi thuanthu cu zohman in a mal/pak in, unau dang tel loin an run suak thei lo ding ti an thei. An unau thisen an suah asile Chin miphun zapi te thuanthu a siatsuah ding asi ti an thei. An unau pawl an duhdawtnak cu thuneihnak le hminthanak an duhnak hnakin a thuk in a tamsawn asi ti an thei. Mipi duhnak siatsuah tikah miphun zapi te tumtah tawp (sunmang) a siatsuah asi ti an thei. Huatnak tlangaunak le mai hmakhua sialnak si loin miphun zapi te sunmang (tumtah tawp) hlawhtlin theinak ding hrangah dudhawtnak le ngaidamnak an nunpi. Na unau ziangtluk na duhdawt thei timi na langternak lamzin thabik pakhat cu ziangtluk na ngaidam thei ih ziangtluk an hrangah canpual/vo tha na kian/pek thei timi hi asi. Cutin thuanthu a feh ruangah, ziang khal len, tuisan Falam thlah pawl cun an duhdawtmi an unau pawl duhdawtnak in an kirsal hlan lo, thin naa fualfo cing khalin duhdawtnak le ngaidamnak cu an ttangsungah pawmin tuar cuahco hrih ko hai sheh, canpual/vo ttha cu an duhdawtmi pawl hrangah kian hrih ko hai sheh!

Leitlun thuanthu ah ral a sungtu ralkap bur pawl bangin, tikcu ziangmawzat sung cu, santhar Falam mino pawl lakah, hotu ttha le cak an hawl aw dingih an hmu lo ding; cutikah an hotu pawl an mawhsiat dingin, an cam siat ding, anmah le anmah an keu aw rero ding, mi hrekkhat cu an unau thinnatnak tizual tu ah canpual/vo tha le mithmai ttha ngah duh ah midang hnenah an tlan dingih an unau an zuar thlai ding, mi hrekhat cu thinlung beidawng in an siat phah ding, anmah lakah a bur a bur in an tthen aw dingih a hlawm tete in an lungrual hlethlo ding, hrin le hrin an hawl aw dingih hrindang an dodal ding, dingfelnak an ausuah pi dingih zianghman an tuah mi ah dingfelnak a lang fawn lo ding, thlarau mi sinak an ausuahpi dingih zianghman thlarau rah an nunah a lang lo ding, cutin thuanthu kebai (cingpai) an tanta zelzel ding. Hivek pawl hi leitlun milai thuanthu ah thilthar an si lo. Thuanthu in in sim fiang mi cu, hivek thuanthu thlaniam le thleng awknak a thlen tikah miphun hrekkhat cu an dingsuak sal ih a hrek cu leitlun khawmual phunhnam thuanthu ihsin an hlo ta.

Cutin thuanthu a cang ruangah, tikcu ziangmawzat sung simaw cu, miphun hla-pi (national anthem) an rak sak theu mi au-thawm cu dai hrih ko sheh! Thuanthu ah Falam pacangttha pawl raltthatnak pawl cu mawhsiatnak le ningzahnak in khuh hrih ko sheh! Falam pacangttha pawl hmuihmel cu ningzahnak le a bawrhbah mi relsiat thangtsiatnak in melmang dum vekin dum hrih ko sheh! An duhdawtmi an unau pawl duhdawtnak le pumkhat sinak thawn an kir sal hlan hlo, cutin si hrih ko sheh! Milai thuanthu hi tipi thuamthum sungih tisuar vek khi asi, tlak nuam can le kai can a nei theu; tisuar to thiam tu pawl hrang ahcun tisuar a kaisang maw a tla niam khal asile to nuam zet a si. Zohman santiluang tipi sungah pilral ta hram hlah haiseh, cuhnakin, zilthli dai in hliamhma pawl damter sehla, duhdawtnak tlung ter sal hram sheh! Cuticun, kan pupa pawl sankhuk sunmang hlawhtling thei dingin tesinfa  pawl hrang santhar lamzin meifar eng camcin hram sheh! Chin miphun ral zokhal in, kan unau duhdawtnak hi theisual in in hnihsan in nautat hlah hai sheh! Chin miphun ral zo khalin daiten umih thazang cahnak hi nautat men hlah hai sheh! Kan unau duhdawtnak ruangah pek awknak, le tangdawrnak hi ttawntaihnak ah la in nautatnak ah hmang hlah hai sheh!  TIkcu ziangmawzat cu mit zoh ah hlo vek kan bang dingin kan unau pawl dunglamah kan dinpi ringring asi! Caklo vek kan bang ding nan kan tlu lan ta lo ding. Taksa in a hlatnak ah kan tthen aw men thei nan, thinlung in pumkhat kan si, kan zapi ten kan miphun thuanthu innpi kan sak rero lai asi. Chin miphun thuanthu parah ni tlang camcin hram seh!

Duhdawtnak, lungrualnak le Chin mipi pumkhat sinak hmun camcin hram seh!





The Wounded Falam Generation: failure to response a historical call

 People used to say, the Falams are lovely and polite, gentle and friendly.  Of course, like their other Chin Brethren, since time immemorial and before the invasion of the British, there were warriors and heroes who defended their forefathers’ heritage land, culture, and history, while maintaining their genuine characteristics of friendliness and gentleness, fulfilling the call of nature in human history. 

Not only as a group of people, but also as individuals, there were remarkable people whom history pays honorable tributes, such as Hrang Thio, Za Hre Lian, William Salian Zam, Salai Sun Ceu, and the “8888” student leaders. Intellectually, physically, mentally, and socially, the Falams stood up against all odds of history, for the sake of their own people, to keep unity among all Chins. But now, history questions, why the Falams are silence? Where are the young generation hidden? What shut their mouth up? Why not they responding to the call of history?

A paradoxical moment of history: Silence can proof love! In the modern Chin history, no national historical misstep ever wounded the Falams like this generation. The contemporary generation of the Tedims made a right choice in not choosing to work and associate with the “8888” generation of the Falams and Hakhas of the CNF/As, living history proofs that. Now, where are the “8888” falam generations, who were once very active and leading in the Chin national politics? They are hidden in the cave, the cave of love and forgiveness for their wild brethren! They embraced their painful history, squeezed their hearts and watched the lovely return of the hearts of their wild brethren! Because, they know, none will save the history of the Chin people without the other. They know shedding the blood of their own brethren would hurts the collective destiny of the Chin people. They know, their love for their brethren is greater than their ambition for power and fame. They know, hurting people’s interest hurts the collective end goal. They stand for love and forgiveness to meet the collective end of historical call, not for hate campaign and opportunity. One of the best proves how much you love your brethren is by showing how much you can forgive and sacrifice opportunity for them. So for now, let the Falam generation embrace the pain to proof their love by forgiving their brethren, and sacrificing opportunity for their loved ones until they come back in love!

For the time being, as usual like other defeated group of soldiers in history, the young Falams may be looking for stronger leader but found none, may be accusing, cursing and blaming their own leaders, may be biting each others, and some may even run after others for comfort and opportunity to make their brethren’s pain worse, some may be morally collapsing losing total trust, they may be grouping and splitting faction after faction, group after group, clan after clan, claiming higher moral ground without proof, claiming spirituality without fruits, and so on. Such is nothing new in the turns and twist of human history. Proven by history, when such historical down turn took place in society, some came back and some gone away forever from the political face of the global image.

So for now, let the sound of national anthem they sung be silenced! Let their voice of courage be covered with condemned and shame! Let their images be painted with shame and nasty gossips! For the sake of giving way for their brethren, until they return in love and unity! Human history is like a sea wave, up and down; for those people who know how to ride on it, it’s enjoyable regardless of the high and down! Let none be drawn, rather, let the wind of the wave heals the wounds, and the love be restored, to meet the collective end dream of all of our ancestors-to pave the collective path of a bright future of the next generation!  Let no enemy, by misunderstanding our love, mock us and laugh at us! Let no enemy under-estimate us our silence strength! Let no enemy consider our meekness and love-sacrifice as weakness. Although we may disappear for awhile, we still stand behind our brethren! Although we may appear weak, we may not falter! Although we may appear physically distance, we are united in sprits; we all are for building our national history! Let there be light shining up the history of the Chin people!

Let there be love, unity, and oneness in Chin!

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