England Siangpahrang Te In July Thlaah Nauneih Beisei

Kate_and_William,_Canada_Day,_2011,_Ottawa,_Ontario,_CanadaLONDON: England siangpahrang thlahsawng aw vivo, Prince William le a nupi Catheirine te cun, tuikum July thla ah nau an neih an zum thu St. James’ Palace cun an puang.

“William tei nupa cun, July thla ah naunei ding in beiseinak an nei asi (Their Royal Highnessess The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are delighted to confirm they are expecting a baby in July) ti in thuthang cun a sim asi. Nikum Dec. 3  ah Catherine hi damlonak nei in sizung ah a um ih, cumi hnu cu mipi hmai ah a lang tuklo.

Christmas hlante ah khan BBC’s Sport Personality of The Year laksawng, Cycle tothiam (Cyclist) Bradley Wiggins hnen ih laksawng a hlan lawngah mipi hmai ah a lang asi. Naute hi nunau maw mipa asi ding ti an theilo nan, danthar antuah vek in, nunau asi khal ah, mipa si khal ah, England siangpahrang sinak cotu ding asi.

Kan dung ih danthar an tuah mi ah, Siangpahrang in fa hmaisabik a neihnak ah nunau asi ih, mipa unau dang a nei asi khal ah fa upabik asi ruangah ah England siangpahrang sinak cu a co ding asi ti in. Curuangah, tu ih nau an neih dingmi hi, siangpahrang sinak runneitu ding asi ruangah mipi intheih an cak zet cuang asi.

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