Dr. Zung Rem ih Thuhla Tawi

14572346_10157574515335035_8723566151169380137_n“Zohṭhimtlak Chin Numi, Si-Ar” Cabu suakcing dingmi ih pakhat, Dr. Zung Rem (D. Min), (Mrs. Rev Dr CJ Hrang Hmung) thuhla mal lai:

Thesis le Dissertation nganmi pawl;

1. “Ovarian Cycle of Puntius Sarana”, MSc (Zoology) Thesis (Unpublished), Mandalay: Mandalay University, 1997.
2. “History of Toungphila Baptist Church”, BRE Thesis (Unpublished), Kalaymyo: Tahan Theological College, 2002.
3. “Christian Education as one of Church’s Ministries for Church Growth”, MTS Thesis (Unpublished), Kalaymyo: Bethel Theological Seminary, 2010.
4. “A Study of Teaching Models in Christian Education: Chin State Experience”, DMin Dissertation (Unpublished), Manila: Union Theological Seminary, 2014.

Sunloihnak comi pawl.

1. BSc (Hons) Zoology ttheh tikah siseh, MSc ttheh laiah siseh a nu le pa in vok thau thatin Pathian hnen lungawi thusimnak an tuahsak.
2. BSc (Hons) Zoology le MSc a ttheh tikah Toungphila Baptist Church hnenin sunloihnak ro capi a ngah.
3. BSc (Hons) Zoology le MSc a ttheh hnu ah Toungphila Kawhhran Pawlkom in sunloihnak ro capi an pek.
4. MSc a ttheh tikah a suahseemnak Phaizawl tlawng pawlin an khua tlawngsuak lakah Master degree ngah hmaisa biktu a si tiah Lai Congnak puan tumpi an pek.
5. MSc a ttheh tikah LBA, Women Department in Sunloihnak ro capi an pekih, Peniel Baptist Church, Letpanchaung ah tuahmi LBA Civuipi, Nu Khawm caan ah ahlu hrang thlacam ding caan an pek.
6. LBA CE le Youth pawlin khal MSc degree ngahmi hrangah sunloihnak ro capi an pek.
7. Phaizawl Centennial Jubilee puaipi, 2009 kum ah MSc degree a ngahmi hrangah Congnak puanpi thawn sunloihnak laksawng an pek.

Doctor of Ministry (DMin.) degree hrangih sunloihnak comi pawl.
Philippines ihsin:

1. Falam ttong hmang Chin Christian Community of Philippines (CCC_P) hnen ihsin Sunloihnak Ro Capi.
2. Philippine Christian University-Union Theological Seminary (PCU-UTS) Community hnen ihsin Sunloihnak Ro Capi.
3. Philippine Myanmar Christian Fellowship (PMCF) hnen ihsin Sunloihnak Ro Capi.

Kalaymyo ihsin:

1. Toungphila Baptist Church in vok thah, Sunloihnak Lai hni mankhung le Ro Capi.
2. Lairawn Baptist Church, Chaungkhuah hnenin Sunloihnak Lai hni mankhung le Ro Capi.
3. Pyinkhonegyi Baptist Church (E) hnen ihsin Sunloihnak Ro Capi.
4. Zion Baptist Church, Phaizawl Thayagone in vok thau thawn sunloihnak an tuahsak.
5. LBA, CE Department in Sunloihnak Ro Capi an pek.
6. Zanniat Social Welfare (ZSW) pawl hnen ihsin Sunloihnak Ro Capi.

Hram laknak- Van Tuah Piang

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