Breaking News: Zotung Mi 8 In Tv Tluanga Malaysia Ah An Thawi That

Tluanga Fanai

Tluanga Fanai

Van Bawi Lian

Malaysia ih hnaṭuan hlawh aw Tlangval Tluanga Fanai, Khampat khua mi cu Zotung lam mi pawl cun an hnaṭuannak ih lungawilonak ruangah an thawi that.

Thuhla kan dawn danin a hnaṭuannak ah moṭaw mawng a siih a rualpi 3, Zotung mi pawl thawn an ṭuan tlang. Laldinmawia Malaysia a Khampat Insuihkhawm Pawl secretary ih a sim dan ah cun an rualpa pakha ih hnaṭuan ṭhatlo mi an pubik hnen ih a sim ruangah an pu cun an hnaṭuannak ihsin a suah. An rualpi pahnih khal cun an rualpa hna ihsin an suah ruangah an rak suak ve. Cutin an thuhla a sosang mi a si tiah a tarlang.

An hnaṭuannak pubik cun mahte thu ih suak zotung pahnih pawl cu an hlawh man a pe lo. Hlawh man a pek lo ruangah an pu cu an hringih an hlawh man tla cu an ngah sal tiah theih a si.

Zotung mi pawl cun duhtawk loin 31 March, 2014 zan sml 8:00 hrawng ah Tluanga, Lalpiangthanga, lalmuanawma te pawl ih umnak hmun Wantan ah cun an ra. Mi pathum pawl cun midang panga ko bet in an riahnak bukinn cu an rak kulh.

Tluanga ih rualpi pahnih pawl hnenah nan cangvaih ahcun kan lo that ve ding ti phah cun an hring ih Tluanga cu thingpheng parih tlawngkhen khen mi thawn an thawi.

An tlan veten thuhla pawl hi palik pawl le khawsung ah thuhla an than ih ambulance cun an ra phur. An vuak hnu sml 2 tluk tiang cu biak a theih lai nan, an vuaknak hliam tuar loin cutin a nunnak a liam ta a si.

A hmun ih um Lalpiangthanga, lalmuanawma hi palik pawl in an kai tang hrih lai tiah thutheih a siih a tuahmawh tu pawl hi an tlan hlo ruangah an kai thei hrih lo.

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  1. The price of crookedness is high. In the future, no one must try to get credit or favor from bosses by betraying his/her own people. That was the reason Zotung group got really mad at Tluanga. It is sad but what goes around always comes around.

    • What goes a round cone back a round ? Look what the *** you talking a bout , is it really worth to kill for the lost of your job, plus he was beaten by 8 punks, not one. What kind of low life and coward is that? if you think you wanna beat him take one on one fight like an old fashion .chin .this is a mob fight. If this is in the US they all deserve a death or life sentence . Who the *** you are you will see “karma”. I know you don’t sad becos you’re not a family member .if you wanna take this personal come find me. Every falam chin knows my name . I’m not hard to find .so *** and all the zo tung people.

  2. Midan minphuin nih, ahtha lo mi hna an tuan sual mi pawl tail cu, very quickly . Ziah zotung nu USA Maryland um nu ni, Maryland state chun ah sia in an kai mi minung 510 um hna chu ah, 1 first ah hmu mi news cu, nai Tial duh lo.

  3. I am his uncle from US. ***** zo tung chin are coward, my nephew is a hero beaten by 8 to 1. If I ever find out who did this to my nephew I will *** repay back , just watch your back all you zo tung coward. Watch I will *** burn you all down ..

  4. You killed a man because u lost your job? You beat him to death ? One guy vs 8 guys? How low and animosity in this chin people behavior . It don’t matter where you go , I WILL *** FIND YOU. IM GONNA MAKE YOU SUFFER LIKE HE DID . GOD FORGIVE , but I DONT..


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