Billy Graham Ih “The Cross, My Hope America With Billy Graham” Timi Video November Ah Suah Ding


Pathian in A hman zetmi, leitlun ih tufang Pathian Thusim thiam Billy Graham cun, “The Cross” timi Video a tuahmi cu, November ah leitlun theih ah an suah thlang ding thu The Christian Post cun a tarlang. Video hi The Cross tiin hmin pekmi a si nan, “My Hope America with Billy Graham” ti khalin a hmin dang khal an pe. Himi Video hi, Billy Graham kum 95 kimnak lawmnak hrang thawn tuahmi a si ih,  North Carolina ih amai umnak inn ah himi Video hi tuah a si.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association spokesperson Brent Rinehart cun, “Billy Graham kum 95 a kimnak lawmnak thawn The Cross timi hi mipi theih ah suah a si ding. Himi sung ahhin, kum 70 tluk Billy Graham in a tontehmi pawl khal a simmi an um. A hleice in, rundamnak thuthangtha a a tam” tiin a sim.

November 7-10 sung ah, USA ramsung ih ummi sungkua pawl cun, an rualpi, unau sungkhat  pawl an inn ah Pathian Thuthangtha sim dingin sangka an onsak ding. A hleice in, Billy Graham ih thuthangtha simmi pawl cu an simsawng aw vivo ding. Kawhhran 25,000 pawl cun Billy Graham ih Video “The Cross, My Hope America With Billy Graham” cu an Biakinn ah mipi ih ngai dingin lungkimnak an nei zo. Canada ramsung khal ah, kawhhran 2,00 tluk cun an Biakinn ah Billy Graham ih thuthang phuami ngaitlang dingin lungkimnak an nei zo. Tu naite ah, Billy Graham ih nganmi, The Reason for My Hope: Salvation and My Hope: Songs Inspired by the Message le Mission of Billy Graham timi pawl mipi hnen ah an zuar ih, tamzet an zuar ngah zo.


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