Argentina ah Sinak Bangaw Nu Le Pa Neihawk Siang

Same-sex couples will have the same rights as heterosexuals in terms of adoptions, social security and family time. (ABC News : File image )Argentina cu Latin America rampi sungih sin ahmaisabik nak ih nu le pa sinak bang aw neih awk siannak danpi cu rorel tu pawl in an pomsak zo.

Suimilam 15 sunglenglo rel mawinak le fakselnak anneih awk hnu ah Argentina roreltu (Senate) pawl cun a tam sawn mi 33 ah mi 27 in an duh thu vote thla in le sinak bang aw nu le pa in facawm theinak le vantlang mipi hnen ih humhim awknak canvo khal bang rep te ih neithei dingin an lungkim thu cu vote ah thla in an pompi. Argentina ahcun nupi le pasal (Husband and Wife) timi cu thitumnak neitu pawl (the Marrying Parties) tiin an dan hrampi ah thleng a si.

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  1. ten um hai in. Bawi Jesuh rat nai zia hminsin nak a si ko. Kan lei lungtlun hi sual nak a phun phun in a khat tuk thlang hi teh.


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