A Tlai Zo


A Tlai Zo

Kum 25 hnu Falam ka thlengsal ni
Sup theiloin, ka ṭap, ka nguk
October ni 5, 1988 Falam ka suahsan ni
Ni khatkhat ah kawl ralkap par nehnak co in
Sungkaw kimten ton awknak caan thleng leh ding tin
Suangtuah hmanning, cangsuak theilo

Kan ruun innpi, hnihnak hlir ih rak khat ṭheunak
A tu ahcun, ṭhing riapri ten, hlumtu nei lawn
Nunu, papa khuiah nan um?
Nan fapa hniang a rak tlung nan, hmuaktu nei lawn
Ka ti thei sun, a thupte in ṭap koning
Kham theihlomi mitthli a luangliam ee..

It is too late!

The day I arrived my hometown after 25 years
I cried, I wept uncontrollably
The story is I left my hometown on October 5th, 1988
With a great expectation, hoping to see my families back
With victory over the military government
But that dream could never come true

Our house, which used to be filled with laughter
Now so quiet and no one to fill in the empty space
Dad and mom where are you?
Your son has returned home with no one to welcome him
The only thing I could do was
Weep as much as I could quietly
So I wept and wept and wept!

– Van Tuah Piang

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